About The Webcam


The Chookcam

The cameras are Edimax Wireless cameras (model IC-1510Wg).  They're located at either end of the walk-in run and powered by a 10m 5v DC extension lead.  There is a wireless access point extender in our kitchen to bring the signal through to our main router.  The cameras are on a timer, so during the hours of darkness, no signal is available.

The cameras are modified with a lens canibalised from an iPhone wide angle adaptor to give more coverage. This mod is not shown in these pictures.

Other End

The Run Interior

Here you can see a view of the run facing camera 1.  The cage below the camera is used for introducing new chickens to the run.  When no introductions are taking place, the girls are free to use this space.  The 'roof' of this also doubles as more floor space.

Some other features within the run visible below are; Cardiff City seats from Ninian Park, a pasting table which is used to give more area and interest to the run, a wooden perch (favoured by Grace) and some tubs which the girls can often be seen using as dust-baths.  There is also an orange/yellow children's sand table visible from the webcam which is used for dust-baths and some smaller  tables to add more surface area and interest for the girls.

There are 2 doors which can be used to split the run in two if necessary.  This is also used for introductions.



We're in South Wales in the UK.  We have a 6ft x 18ft walk-in run with an Eglu Cube attached.  

We originally started out with an Eglu Cube, a basic Eglu run and 4 chickens.  As the chicken bug hit and we wanted more girls, it became apparent within a few weeks that we needed something a bit bigger.

The run was supplied by aviaries4u .  There are some customizations to the run such as the clear tarp 'blinds' used for shelter on cold/rainy days,  a permanent back wall and some fixtures for keeping interior doors secure when open.