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23-Nov-14 05:55 - Power issue

Noticed that power isn't getting to the router -trying to sort it

21-Jun-14 11:20 - Dustbaths

Chickens dustbathe! This is a fact and they enjoy it (and it keeps them healthy and mite free).

Tosh our Gold Silkie was dustbathing today, I just bought a new camera with very fast burst mode, so was able to take this series of pictures - amazing the way the soil is thrown all over the place.....


24-May-14 07:21 - 2014 chicks

Here they are at 2 days old!











23-May-14 09:49 - Dani and Sue are Mums!

Sue has hatched two chicks. The fertile eggs came from Dani.
Dani had been in with a cockerel when we bought her and had been laying eggs, so we saved them, Sue sat on them and we now have two gorgeous chicks.

23-May-14 09:46 - Proud Mum

Sue is now the proud Mum of two chicks. You can see them on Cam 4.

26-Apr-14 07:58 - Some Goodbyes

We lost Gwen, Peri and Abigail over the last few weeks

26-Apr-14 07:55 - Changing a few bits

Modifying a few pages and some long overdue additions within the next few days.

24-May-12 12:09 - Liz has improved on her biggest egg!

Today she laid a 100g egg


Next to a normal medium egg!


At least I think it was Liz that laid it as she seems a bit quiet tonight!

13-May-12 09:02 - 2012 Chicks - Update week 2

They've grown quite a bit now....











01-May-12 14:24 - Hatching for 2012

This year's hatch took place on Saturday/Sunday - 10 chicks hatched out of 20 eggs - Pictures of our new additions below :











18-Oct-11 14:23 - Biggest egg ever!

Congratulations to Liz who laid us our biggest egg yesterday since we started keeping chickens...

Well done Liz.

17-Sep-11 14:59 - Gwen the trouble maker continues

Today, her adventures took her down next door fence!!

We wing clipped her, she did it again!!!

We then spent the next few hours raising the perimeters using plastic fencing and posts!! Doesn't look good, but is doing the job to keep our sweet escapologist contained.

14-Sep-11 13:27 - Cheeky one

Gwen as been getting cheekier and cheekier since she's started laying. She is such a friendly and inquisitive chicken.... Maybe a bit TOO inquisitive. Today I watched as she climbed up some garden netting, to get on the wall, to walk around and then jump onto the roof of Walk in Run 2!

Thankfully, she will do anything for mixed corn, so flew down as soon as she heard me shake the corn pot. She's going to be trouble that one! She can count herself lucky she lays blue eggs and is such a sweetheart!

04-Sep-11 03:30 - End of an era

I felt great sadness that the Wernlas collection was closing.

Having had some gorgeous birds from there in the past, and knowing how helpful owner Sue was, I felt I had to go to the auction... One last chance to have a look around.

It was a fantastic day, I went with my friend Tasha (a breeder). It had been my intention to only buy supplies unless a lot really jumped out on me... That lot was a Blue Silkie Pullet and a Black Silkie Pullet.... I bid, not expecting to win, and I did :grin:

River and Melody have now joined the Cimlachooks flock :grin:

28-Aug-11 13:41 - Ex-Bats

Our 3 new ex-bats can now be seen on Cam2

21-Aug-11 11:22 - Barbara

Barbara, the last of our current ex-bats passed away yesterday. RIP Babsy!

05-Aug-11 05:28 - Tosh

Tosh, the gold silkie, is turning into quite the devious little one.

Whilst everyone else (including the babies) run back into their respective runs for corn at bedtime, Tosh has decided that she wants to stay up late, and will refuse to go into the run.

Cue lots of comedy chasing around the garden!

02-Aug-11 13:08 - Eggcellent achievement

Eggs Today - 6
Total - 5002

Now I have reached the 5000 egg mark I'm going to stop logging

02-Aug-11 03:28 - Eggs

Yesterday - 6
Total - 4996

31-Jul-11 11:40 - Eggs

Today - 8
Total - 4990

31-Jul-11 05:58 - Eggs

Fri and Sat - 13
Total - 4982

28-Jul-11 14:34 - Eggs

Today - 8
Total - 4969

27-Jul-11 12:29 - Eggs

Today - 8
Total -4961

26-Jul-11 15:05 - Eggs

Today - 7
Total - 4953

25-Jul-11 06:10 - Eggs

Yesterday - 7
Today - 6
Total 4944

23-Jul-11 14:35 - Eggs

Friday - 5
sat - 10
Total - 4931

21-Jul-11 14:10 - Egg count

Today - 9
Total - 4916

20-Jul-11 11:24 - Egg count

Sat- 9
Sun - 5
Mon - 8
Tues - 6
Weds - 9

Total - 4907

14-Jul-11 14:02 - Egg count

Eggs today - 7
Total - 4870

13-Jul-11 14:12 - Egg count

Eggs today - 6
Total - 4863

12-Jul-11 16:34 - Egg count

Eggs today - 9
Total eggs - 4857

11-Jul-11 03:08 - Egg count

Eggs yesterday - 8
Eggs today - 7
Total eggs to date - 4848

09-Jul-11 16:16 - Egg count

Number of eggs today - 10 (thats everyone who is old enough to lay who hasn't retired :grin: )
Total egg count to date - 4833

08-Jul-11 06:54 - Egg count

Eggs laid yesterday - 8
Eggs laid today - 6
Total eggs laid - 4823

06-Jul-11 13:53 - Egg count

We have decided to no longer log individual eggs to chickens, it's just too time consuming!

However, we will continue to log egg numbers laid per day and keep a total eggs laid to date.

So, eggs laid today = 9
Total eggs to date = 4809

20-Jun-11 03:15 - Ace

Ace, our 4 year old ex batt, had her last free range yesterday and joined the great flock in the sky. RIP.

18-Jun-11 06:35 - Webcam 5

Webcam 5 has now been added, it is in the chick run.

05-Jun-11 13:26 - House moves

The Silkie chicks have now moved into WIR1 in the rabbit run.

The baby chicks now have full access to WIR 2

The silkie chicks can now be seen on webcam 2, the babies are still on webcam 4

05-Jun-11 13:24 - House moves

See the blog for details of house moves.

05-Jun-11 13:16 - RIP Tegan

We lost Tegan our Brahma Bantam today. Sleep well baby girl.

25-May-11 13:24 - RIP Grace

We lost Grace our Wyandotte yesterday. RIP sweetheart.

20-May-11 09:53 - New Pictures

New pictures of the chicks....














06-May-11 04:25 - Some moves

Jo and Astrid (now Serena and Felicity) have moved house to be with a friend who has other pekins.

The bigger chicks are now in WIR2 on webcam 4, coming in at night.

The babies have moved to a bigger brooder, still on webcam 3.

23-Apr-11 07:00 - Chick Photos - Update

New photos of our hatched chicks - a week old now


This is the late hatcher - it was helped out of it's shell with a toothpick...








17-Apr-11 16:27 - Chick Photos

Well, 10 chicks hatched in all. One of them is still in the incubator as it was a late hatch. Here are pictures of the other 9....












17-Apr-11 06:00 - New hatchlings

Cam3 now showing newly hatched chicks

16-Apr-11 15:38 - Video of chick hatching

This is one which started off in our expermental incubator - it's a red silkie.

06-Apr-11 14:07 - Egg candling

Well, we re-candled our 'not sure' eggs last night. We now have :

6 red silkies (all fertile)
3 choc wyandottes (all fertile)
1 pekin (1 of 3 fertile)
2 barred wyandottes (2 of 4 fertile)
4 leghorn x legbar (4 of 6 fertile)

So that's 16 potential eggs out of 23. 2 of them are from our makeshift incubator - they'd have gone into an omlette otherwise, so it's nice to know they've had a chance at life :)

Here's one of the eggs being candled :


You can see some veins and the peep (the black blob).

Our due date will be 16th April

31-Mar-11 13:01 - Amy RIP

Amy passed away today. RIP little one :(

26-Mar-11 07:05 - Counting your chickens!

I now have 20 eggs in the incubator, another 3 in an experimental inccy and also picked up 2 Gold Silkie chicks too :grin:



26-Mar-11 04:03 - Silkie Chicks

We have 2 silkie chicks - now on Cam4.

06-Mar-11 12:43 - Exciting news from the nestbox

Sarah-Jane has started laying again, I thought with her age, and after her horrendous moult in the winter that she had retired, but today we get an egg.

Also, we've had our first ever egg from Amy today :grin: she started crouching last week, so knew it wouldn't be long, but it is a perfect little 36g cream egg :grin:

28-Feb-11 10:20 -

Just to warn anyone planning on buying a run from , there have been several people who've been let down by them over the last few weeks. Payment has been taken, then no contact or delivery made. On chasing things up (if someone answers the 'phone) , the people at the end of the 'phone have either denied knowledge of chirpycoops, or given a degree of abuse and refused any form of refund. Credit card companies and paypal have needed to be relied upon for this.

Their website still looks as if they're trading, this doesn't seem to be the case.

16-Feb-11 15:48 - The run based is finished

And is looking fantastic!

Next stage is to get the walk in run built.

13-Feb-11 12:04 - Bathing bantams

I love my feathered feet girls, but they don't half get grubby in the bad weather. So today I bathed Jo and Astrid the Pekins and Tegan the Brahma Bantam.

Jo and Astrid were sods! They battled the bath. Tegan was an angel and seemed to really enjoy it.

So the pekin posse were left to dry in a box, Tegs got to have a cuddle on a towel on my lap on the sofa.

Good times :grin:

13-Feb-11 12:01 - New camera added

Cam4 added - this is temporary as it'll go in Run2 when finished.

08-Feb-11 13:34 - Webcam planning & Walk in Run 2

A 'new' webcam arrived yesterday (from ebay) - same model as the others - Edimax 1510wg. We're anticipating using it in Walk In Run 2 which the foundations started being laid for today.

05-Feb-11 05:49 - Cameras back

The power leads are fixed - Cams now available.

04-Feb-11 05:03 - Cameras down due to Gale force winds

We experienced some gales last night. Both Low volt power cables have sheared - as result the webcams have all gone down.
Hopefully will be sorted tomorrow with a few block connectors.

26-Jan-11 15:09 - Special visitors

The girls had some special visitors on Sunday :grin: My friend Kate from work brought her husband (Ed) and two children (Issie and Ben) to meet the girls.

Issie enjoyed feeding the girls grapes, although Katarina did peck her finger :anxious:

It was great showing them all the girls, letting the children make a fuss of them and collect the eggs. The family enjoyed some cakes and took a box of eggs home for dippy eggs for tea :grin:

25-Jan-11 16:18 - Internet Connection

Internet connection went down today meaning the webcams and webcam histories for most of the day aren't available.

18-Jan-11 14:06 - Northern Poultry Championship

Had a great weekend in Yorkshire at the "Northern" :grin:
My friend Tasha continued on her winning ways, I'm so proud of her and her chickens. Also great that Dino the cockerel that Lewis hatched has now found a fab home :grin:
I really should drink less at these events though :lol:

14-Jan-11 03:45 - Thanks Sarah-Jane

I really didn't need to see you clean and preen your vent on Cam 2 :lol:

14-Jan-11 03:40 - It makes me happy!

Nothing like lying in bed in a hotel room, and watching my girls on the webcam knowing they are safe and happy at home.

10-Jan-11 13:55 - Katarina and her embarrassing ways!

I adore Kat, however, she has a habit of embarrassing me when we have visitors to the run.

Last week, I had a new chicken keeper visit. Kat, whilst happy to be picked up decided to poo all over my visitor.

Today, my friends Lewis and Tasha were here (as they had stayed last night after the Poultry Championship), Kat was up to her poor toilet ways again, as she poo'd over Tasha!

The funny thing is, she jumps on my lap all the time, loves being picked up and cuddled by me and has never poo'd on me. Yet, introduce her to someone new and she has to do her business over them.

Chickens, got to love them :grin:

09-Jan-11 12:07 - Walk in Run 2 planning

For a while we have been considering a second smaller Walk in Run. We have now taken the consideration a stage further by doing some measuring and asking for quotes :grin:

09-Jan-11 11:51 - Blog Section Added

Blog section added to the site.

09-Jan-11 04:36 - Welsh National Poultry Championships

Today is the annual Welsh National in Haverfordwest. Whilst we are not entering any chickens, it is a great event to admire different breeds.

08-Jan-11 15:20 - Camera Swap

The Cameras have been renumbered as the old Cam1 (now Cam3) was not booting properly.

26-Dec-10 19:00 - Katarina and Abigail

2 new girls today - Abigail and Katarina.

26-Nov-10 19:00 - New Camera added

New Camera added - this shows a view at of the run at chicken eye-level and is quite close up.

21-Nov-10 19:00 - Jo, Amy and Astrid

3 new girls arrived last night -Jo, Amy and Astrid.