Useful Links

Zoar's ArkGeneral agricultural and pet suppliers - carry stock of various chicken related products. Katarina and Abigail are from here.
Wriggly WigglersSuppliers of Bokashi Bran (also some great composting worms)
Wild Bird FoodVery reasonably priced mealworms
OmletSuppliers of the Eglu and Eglu Cube - also home to the Omlet forums where other chicken owners gather.
Omlet CoursesWant to know more about chicken keeping? Then book a course.
Lay a li'l egg 4 meRecommended Breeder supplying Point of Lay hens. Also stock other general poultry supplies. Note the website is usually but this appears to be broken - alternative link added.
Flyte So FancyPoultry supplies. Magnificent customer service.
Aviaries 4 UWant a custom built walk-in-run? This is your man.
Pen Rhiw Garn Poultry Supplies, CrickhowellPen Rhiw Garn supplied our original hens; Donna, Sarah-Jane, Rose and Martha.
Fresh Start For HensWas Hen Rehomers. Battery rescue group. Ace, Barbara & Polly came to us via one of their rescues. If you have room in your run for an ex-bat, then please contact them.
British Hen Welfare TrustSite dedicated to the welfare of battery hens. Useful information here about looking after ex-bats. Formerly the Battery Hen Welfare Trust.
Omlet Breeds PageDetails and characteristics of different chicken breeds
Newland PoultryNewland Poultry - Suppliers of pure breed & hybrid hens, poultry supplies and other items. Vicki and Mel come from here.
Cotswold ChickensFantastic supplier of chicken products, chickens and courses.